Most of us have heard about this simple form of exercise that first originated from ancient China. It is an ancient form of exercise that has now become famous not because of its origin, but because of its benefits. Yoga typically involves stretching and breathing exercises that target the well-being of the whole body. Many people think yoga is a ‘woman-thing’ but what they fail to understand is that both men and women can benefit equally from yoga. So, how does yoga benefit men? Below are reasons why as a man you should adopt yoga today.

Good for your mental health

dsfsdfsdfsdfsdtrytryIt is one thing to go to the gym and get all sweaty and its another thing to sit down, relax and concentrate on your breathing. Yoga is the only form of exercise whereby the doer is peaceful, relaxed and focused as opposed to other rigorous exercises where you have to concentrate on workout equipment, the pace and occasionally being careful not to hurt yourself.

You are always panting and worried in a gym, but yoga offers you the benefit of connecting with your brain, soul and mind both physically, mentally and emotionally enabling better thinking, good health through nerve calming and excellent mental stability.

Yoga promotes muscle strength and stability

Want to add strength into your bone structure? Do yoga. Yoga is one of the simplest forms of exercise that can actually help you get into shape. The deep breathing, stretching and poses target balance and stability over time can make your overall physique strong and healthy. All yoga poses target your core and your spine, and these two are the most important areas in our body that when they become strong, can bring about stability and muscle strength enabling you to carry out your day to day activities with ease.

Yoga promotes a healthy heart and general health

fdgdgdfgfdgdfggfdgretretWhen you incorporate yoga into your daily workout routine, you can have a healthy heart. While aerobics help your heart pump blood faster and improve circulation, on the other hand, yoga works to facilitate those functions. Yoga enhances and improves the general performance of the heart.

It enables the heart to carry out its functions effectively like transfer of oxygen and nutrients to various parts of the body allowing all the bodily functions to work properly. This is one of the reasons why we find that people who do yoga often are less prone to illnesses and other heart conditions making them healthy generally.

Yoga improves the quality of your life

Do you feel tired after a long day at work? Yoga is the best medicine to relax and calm your nerves. Some people even find sleep difficult in their lives. Yoga can diminish all these symptoms.

fgfdgdfgfdfgdfgdfgThe meditative nature combined with deep, concentrated breathing can help improve motor functions in your brain improving your sleep, reducing stress, depression and other negative psychological factors that hinder your day to day activities. This helps you feel refreshed and energetic to carry out your daily activities normally, in turn, improving the quality of your life.


Never let anyone mislead you that yoga is meant for a specific gender. Yoga for men is good, and continued inclusion of yoga in our workout routines can help us achieve a lot more including weight loss and other health benefits.