High-intensity interval training abbreviated as HIIT is a form of exercise that combines various intervals of short periods of intense anaerobic workouts with less intense or slow recovery periods. The high-intensity workouts ensure that one benefits from the workout. The sessions may vary from 4-30 minutes. One of the benefits of HIIT is can be done in the comfort of your home whether you have equipment or not and it has positive effects on the body.

Benefits of HIIT

Anti – aging

Exercising activates telomerase, an anti-aging enzyme in circulating cells. HIIT increases telomerase as well reduces p53 expression, a protein in humans that contributes to premature aging. High-intensity interval training helps in firming your skin hence you will have fewer wrinkles.

HIIT is good for the heart

Because of the intervals, you can push yourself to the intense high level, because there is a resting interval after you reach that point. This is good for the heart, and it helps blood flow throughout the whole body.

Engaging in HIIT enables you to choose your workouts

You are in a position to pick any cardio workout hence you are not limited to any workout as long as the workout you pick you to make it at an interval.

You lose fat and not muscle

High-intensity interval training combine your body weight and allow those on a diet preserve their muscle gain while losing weight too. High-intensity interval training does not require any equipment. Interval training is cost efficient because you need zero equipment. All you need is an open space.

It burns through junk

After you have completed an HIIT workout, you can eat whatever you want, and your increased metabolism will destroy it meaning that you are less prone to storing them as fat.

HIIT tones the muscles by transforming slow twitch fibers to fast twitch fibers

High-intensity interval training is rewarding, as you can lose many calories within a short period, preserving more of your muscles and toning your muscles.

HIIT boosts metabolism

HIIT helps you consume more oxygen, and the excess amount of oxygen consumed helps increase the rate of metabolism. Increased metabolism helps burn more calories at a faster rate.

HIIT increases energy

rdfsdcgvhbHIIT burns calories and fat- Achieved within a short period. If you have limited time to work out. HIIT is great for 15 minutes of high-intensity interval training burns more calories than jogging on a treadmill for an hour.